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Mindfulness is a simple and practical way of living well. When we practise mindfulness, we become more aware of our habitual ways of thinking and doing things. This awareness of what's happening in our minds, bodies and hearts enables us to shed light on the ways that we bring unnecessary stress and difficulty into our lives and opens up the possibility of change. With practice, we can choose not only to avoid doing the things that increase the stress and difficulty, but also to start acting in ways that bring about more happiness and well-being.


Birthing Mindfully courses that offer a unique approach to antenatal education, preparing your mind, body and heart for the arrival of your baby and for mindful ‘attuned’ parenting

BALM Doula Services - a committed service dedicated to taking care of you and your partner through pregnancy, birth and the early days of life as a family

Living Mindfully courses and events for reducing stress and increasing well being and resilience